Foreclosed Property for Sale

About Us

We are not realtors, but online marketers & entrepreneurs based out of Boiling Springs, SC. We help people around the country find homes to buy real cheap for the purposes of owning, or re-selling.

How did we get in the real-estate business?

Easy! We deal with national demographical data for marketing purposes. We have information on home ownership, values, and current loan status. This information is used by us and our clients to target the right audience in order to market the right products to.

How can we help you?

We provide you information that can be used in order to buy a home really, really cheap from sellers that the market may not even be aware of yet. This gives you an incredible advantage when buying a home. With this information you can save money on a home to purchase to live in, re-sell, or flip really quick.

Do you charge a commission and if so how much?

No. We charge no commissions as we are not realtors. You simply pay a small fee for the amount of data you request.